About Us

What is "Revolution"?

The Ahdrenalin Revolution was set into motion 10 years ago upon the band's arrival. The dictionary defines revolution as a dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation. Ahdrenalin Carnival has certainly had and continues to have that impact on Vincy Mas!

In this our 10th year, we are witnessing a major change in costume designs by many of the country's mas bands that clearly reflects the influence of Ahdrenalin. Our arduous and uphill journey to prove that modern costumes deserve a place in Vincy Mas has resulted in a Carnival revolution in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We are quite proud of this fact.  

"Revolution" is not just our 2017 presentation, it is also the realisation of the Ahdrenalin movement. The sections give credence to our statement with beautiful visualisations of the qualifying aspects of an Ahdrenalin costume. We have never been a favourite of the judges and we acknowledge that this theme ironically, may not change that. Ahdrenalin has however, won the hearts of masqueraders; it is the band of the people. Revolution is for the people! Revolution is Ahdrenalin Carnival!